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Darkness Falls the free to play game of vampires, werewolves, witches and the occult "He who does battle with monsters should take care he does not become a monster.
And, remember, when you gaze into the void, the void gazes also into you."


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A free to play game of ritual magic, vampirism, shape shifting and the occult.

Born with a Gift you do not truly know and cannot possibly understand, find your way in a bizarre world of secrets and the impossible and discover the most remarkable secret of all.


Look for the tutorial in your backpack and don't forget the rp and discussion board here.


The EU (European Union Government) in its wisdom has decided that cookies are the invention of Satan and that we have to get everyone's agreement before we can use them.

They're not. They never have been. They can be abused but so can everything else and here at Darkness Falls we don't abuse your privacy.

Imagine you're at a party full of new people, and your host introduces you to everyone and tells you a few interesting facts about them but there's twenty or thirty people and pretty soon you've forgotten everything she told you. Wouldn't it be brilliant to have a post-it note that you could jot that stuff down on and stick it discreetly on them somewhere? You could just walk up to them, read the post-it note and be good to go.

That's all a cookie is; it's a post-it note stuck on your browser. Darkness Falls uses a session cookie to keep track of a couple of pieces of essential game data. It doesn't read any files off your computer, it can't sneak into your computer and do bad stuff, it doesn't share its post-it note with anyone else. It's just a post-it note, it's just something for the game to jot a reminder to itself on, and without it Darkness Falls just plain doesn't work.

If you continue to log in or register then we'll take that as agreement that the cookies we use are ok. They are; we respect your privacy. back.